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Download and Install Instructions for the MVPS HOSTS File

If you are having trouble downloading or extracting the HOSTS file

Right-click on the download link and select: Save Target As (IE only) hosts.zip

In the following example I will use the Desktop as a download location. From the "Save As" dialog box, click the Desktop icon on the left side.

Click Save, this will save "hosts.zip" to your Desktop.
From your Desktop right-click (hosts.zip) and select:
Extract All
from the menu.

Click Next, click Next, select the option:
"Show Extracted files", click Finish
Note: 3rd party unzipping utilities menu items may differ ...

This will open the newly created hosts folder on your Desktop.

Double-click on the included mvps.bat file, this will rename the existing HOSTS file to HOSTS.MVP, then it will copy the included updated HOSTS file to the correct location on your machine. Win7 users right-click and select: Run As Administrator

For Windows 10/8 users ...

You can follow the above instructions, but the Save As box is different. After extracting the HOSTS file, right-click on the "mvps.bat" and select:

For more info see the Windows 8 page
Note: When you run the (mvps.bat) batch file, XP users may see a prompt, simply click Run and continue. Once updated you should see another prompt that the task was completed. Some users may see a pop-up from certain Security programs about changes to the HOSTS file. Allow the change ... however if you see this pop-up at any other time ... investigate.

Windows 8 requires special instructions  Not here - over there > see here

Manual Install Instructions

Unzip (Extract) the download ... (hosts.zip) Highlight, right-click on the included HOSTS file and select: Copy

Open Windows Explorer to the appropriate folder (see below)

The key being the "Etc" folder ... Note: this assumes Windows is installed in the default location.

Right-click and select: Paste

In the event you already have an existing HOSTS file you will be prompted
with the image to the right.

Windows Explorer will prompt you to replace the existing file.

If you are not sure, select: No and rename the existing file to hosts.old

You can open your existing HOSTS file in Notepad via the right-click
options. If the existing file looks like this [screenshot] that's the version
original shipped with Windows. Then repeat the above steps.

Windows 8 users will see the following prompt ... click Continue

In some cases File Explorer may not prompt you to replace the file, but rather will
create a "HOSTS-copy" file ... go figure

Editors Note: in some cases you may have a security application "monitoring" the HOSTS file for changes, or that has the HOSTS file "locked" (set to "Read Only") If this occurs allow the changes or you may need to "unlock" the HOSTS file before you can replace it.

To check - right-click the HOSTS file and select: Properties

If you are using a HOSTS file now, check to see if there are any needed entries before you replace it with the new download. Several users have reported overwriting their entries for other programs. [more info]

Editors Note: Once you have completed the above you can delete the hosts.zip and the hosts folder from your Desktop. The MVPS HOSTS file is updated regularly so you can always return here if you are still unsure on "How To" or drop me a note and I'll try and assist.

Why do I get a Password Prompt when unzipping the download?

This usually occurs when you copy the "hosts.zip" file to the location of the existing HOSTS file and then try to "Extract" the file. To prevent this prompt, unzip the file in a "temp" folder or use the above "Desktop" example.

Related Utilities

Hosts File Editor ... great little freeware program with all the features of Hostsman ...
HostsMan is a freeware application that lets you manage, Edit and Enable/Disable your Hosts file.
Includes an option to turn off the unneeded DNS Client Service. [screenshot]
This also has an option to update the existing HOSTS file when needed.
Important! - make sure you select: Default action - Overwrite
Use the Server option to replace the Navigation to the webpage was cancelled message.

Once installed locate the Hostsman location, right-click on "hm.exe" and select: Properties
Click the Compatibility tab and select: "Run as Administrator" [screenshot]

Note: seems abelhadigital.com no longer exists. I have saved a copy of Hostsman, the installer version,
since several other sites still offer Hostsman.


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